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  • Chicken breast, thinly Sliced 300 g
  • Yoghurt 80 ga
  • Olive oil 50 ml
  • Onions, sliced 100 g
  • Tri colored peppers, sliced 100 g
  • Tomatoes, sliced 50 g
  • Salt 3 g
  • Black pepper 2 g
  • Cilantro & Garlic Mayonnaise
  • Parsley fresh, chopped 30 g
  • Philo Dough, sheets 20 pc
  • Eggs, beaten 1 pc
  • Fryer oil
  1. Preparation:

    • In a large bowl, marinate the chicken using chicken Shawerma Seasoning and yoghurt for two hours inside the fridge.
    • Heat the olive oil in a non stick pan then add the chicken without the marinade and cook it for 3 minutes then add the onions and peppers and cook for 2 more minutes then add the tomatoes and cook for 2 more minutes, add the parsley and seasoning, set the chicken mixture on the side.
    • To make the Samos's itself spread the Philo sheet on a clean surface, then scoop one and half spoons in the near corner, fold the side and keep folding making sure you keep it as a triangle then seal the end with the beaten egg.
    • Heat up the frying oil to 165°C and fry it to a golden brown color , place it on a kitchen towel to soak any excess oil.
    • Serve it hot.