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Preparing the eggplant

For the breading

For the sauce

Plate & Garnish

  • Pineapple slices, grilled 3.0 pc
  • Vegetable oil 15.0 g
  • Capsicum, green, diced 30.0 g
  • Capsicum, red, diced 30.0 g
  • Onion, thinly sliced 30.0 g
  • Fried Noodles 15.0 g
  • Coriander leavesFried 3.0 g
  • Bamboo leaf 1.0 pc

Taking Eggplants to the next level with it’s crunchy goodness and lots of flavor. This is definitely one to try.



  1. Preparing the eggplant

    • Peel the roasted eggplant
    • Marinate with the rest of the ingredients for at least 30 minutes 
    Tip: Chargrill eggplant oven direct fire so you get the smokey notes from the skin when burnt.  
  2. For the breading

    • Whisk the eggs with milk, knorr vegetable stock powder, salt & pepper
    • Mix panko breadcrumbs with sesame seeds, season with salt & pepper
    • Mix flour with salt, pepper, and knorr vegetable stock powder 
    Breading Method
    • Place the eggplant in the flour mixture, followed with the egg mixture, then remove and coat with panko breadcrumbs mixture.
    • Set aside in the chiller until service or deep fry until golden colour
  3. For the sauce

    • Mix all the sauce ingredients together and bring to simmmer until thick consistency
    Tip: Mix all ingredients together and bring to simmer until proper consistency.
  4. Plate & Garnish

    • Add oil in a pan, sauté red & green capsicum & onions
    • Add the sauce and bring to simmer, adjust the seasoning if needed.
    Plating Method
    • Place bamboo leaf, top with grilled pineapple, add the sauce, top with fried noodles, and finish with crispy eggplant.
    • Garnish with fried coriander leaves
    • Serve with a side of rice or noodles