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Chef's name: David Al-Bitar

Chef Title: Owner – Culinary Director

                        ATG Group

                        Casa Talia

                        Maze Roof Resto

                        Julia’s Kitchen

Trend: Irresistible Vegetables

Chef’s Tip: ”The mix of these ingredients and techniques are the innovation behind the recipe, add more value to the dish flavor by adding spices and seasoning to vegetables.”

Chef's name: Mustafa Gomaa

Chef Title: Chef de Cuisine Pier 88

Trend: Modernized-Comfort Food

Chef’s Tip: “It is a trend that we are following now we’re turning our food into something that can be served anywhere in the world. An Egyptian dish with Egyptian flavors, but completely different in terms of technique and presentation.”

Chef's name: Mostafa Seif

Chef Title: Executive Chef at Pier88 & Khufu’s Restaurant

Trend: Modernized-Comfort Food

Chef’s Tip: “My strategy is to either breakdown the dish and develop each ingredient alone or some dishes contain small protein portions, so I adjust the protein to starch ratios and decorate it and a third way is adjust the fat level and create texture.”

Chef's name: Samar Kamal

Chef Title: Consultant Chef

Trend: Low-Waste Menus

Chef’s Tip: “Reducing waste starts when you start creating the menu, thinking about the ingredients and the waste I will use. I want to make delicious dishes and stay cost efficient.”

Chef's name: Aida Shaaban

Chef Title: Executive Chef and F&B Consultant

Trend: The New Sharing

Chef’s Tip: "There should be somthing familiar in the dish, even with a twist, but it should be something that I can connect with. When we develop a dish we have to think of colors, flavors and textures."