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Future menus seek to combine the dishes of the past, which we are always used to with the same ingredients, but in a modern way that changes the way they are cooked and presented in our time for 2023, psychological comfort foods are one of the trends of future menus that combine the breezes of the past and the way of the present to provide a mixture that takes you to another world of taste.

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"Saffron tortellini" for comfort foods

"Saffron tortellini" for comfort foods

The modern way of psychological comfort foods. Slow cooking with sous vide, the chef uses olive oil, with cooking techniques used to enhance the flavor and not just to serve.

Psychological comfort foods add a new twist to traditional dishes, while maintaining a sense of belonging to their culture, combining the touches of the past with the techniques of the present to create a wonderful blend that gives food an irresistible taste, this is what Unilever Food Solutions chefs offers you in the latest future menu trends, which is "Comfort Foods".

To learn more about comfort recipes that take you back to the past in the latest Unilever Food Solutions Chefs Methods, download the Future Menus magazine from our homepage and learn what's new.