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It’s a popular option for many diners. The unique flavors, culinary variety and the originality of the experience attract the diners all year long.  Opening your own oriental restaurant, however, is no easy, but always worth the adventure and these tips are for you:

Recipes are just a guide

Cooking is a creative art. Consider your plates as different paintings with different colors. The beauty of a painting is elevated by the rich choices of colors; same goes with your plates. Recipes are a great way to learn ratios and cooking methods. As you go along, don’t be afraid to deviate from the instructions and ingredient list. We suggest that you need to trust yourself as you go and try a sweet and sour oriental mix like Chicken liver with dried fruits.

Explore the art of Marinating

You know what makes the oriental kitchen authentic, appealing, and different than other cuisines? The answer lies in marinades!
Herbs and spices like nutmeg, cardamom, mastic, and other spices and spices will penetrate your plates to give you and exotic flavor combinations from different Arabian origins whether Egyptians, Syrian or even moroccan.  We suggest that you try the “everyone’s favorite” Arabic Shawarma with Garlic Mayonnaise as a juicy marinated reference!

Tajin Okra with Meat

Original or traditional?

Grills or Tajines? We’re not doubting your tajines hacks or you molokheya’s garlic specialty or even your mouth watering Fattah red sauce. As executive chef Hani Mohammed Ibrahim of the Concorde's Abou Auof restaurant says “Egyptian dishes done right need to be cooked with the proper technique, the way your mama used to make them that is. Otherwise, the dish doesn't end up tasting as good as it's meant to. "
After marinating and your own sense of cooking you still need the final touch that will elevate the flavors of your dishes. Okra and Akawy for instance can never go wrong with pottery tajines and grills will always need charcoal for the perfect taste. You can always dig deeper into the world of oriental cooking with UFS Academy:

Aim for contrast

Classics on your menu never disappoint. If there’s one thing all your diners will cherish, it’s this. To freshen up these classics aim for contrast in both flavors and textures that will come together to form a well-rounded dish. Take Basbousa with Chocolate Sauce as an example; It may look like traditional oriental dessert concept, but there’s much more to it than meets the eye. This bite-sized basbousa creates a contrast in all textures possible, Crispy on the outside, soft center and saucy topping. What a perfect mix!