Afternoon Tea is a firmly established dining tradition. Today’s diners though aren’t just looking for sandwiches and scones to have while they sip their tea, they’re looking for a tantalising journey of taste. So take a tip from fine-dining restaurants and introduce a Tea Pairings menu. Complementing your finest tea selections with delectable desserts will lift your Afternoon Tea from mundane to memorable and give guests a dining experience that is engaging, interesting and delicious.    

Lemon Crème Brûlée & Classic Earl Grey

Silky, fragrant and utterly devourable is the only way to describe the coupling of Earl Grey tea and Lemon Crème Brûlée. The light, airy dessert with its gentle lemon freshness is pleasantly complemented by the citrusy tones of the tea.

Selection of Artisan Cheeses & Green Tea Sencha

Tea and cheese, perhaps not an obvious combination, but a winning one nonetheless. Cheese, and in the case of green tea we recommend goat’s cheese or triple crème cheeses, is the perfect foil to the astringency of tea, delivering a smooth, well-rounded taste.

Dark Chocolate Truffles & Green Tea & Intense Mint

Mint and dark chocolate is a classic, and delicious, combination. The taste journey from intense, decadent and bitter dark chocolate to slightly salty green tea, and finally, refreshing spearmint is one diners will love.  

tea and dessert pairings_Unilever Food Solutions_instert 2

Almond Baklava & Camomile & Honey

Camomile and honey are favourite choices as ingredients for baklava syrups, but in this pairing, it’s the sweet, aromatic tea that gives the sugary contrast to the crunchy, nutty baklava. Tasty, textural and made for Afternoon Tea.

tea and desserts pairings_Unilever Food Solutions_instert 4

Nutty Chocolate Brownies & Forest Fruits

The tart, fragrant flavours of strawberries, cherries, redcurrants and raspberries are fresh and tangy, and the perfect contrast to the earthy, nutty chocolate brownie. A combination so moreish, your guests will be asking for more.

tea and dessert pairings_Unilever Food Solutions_instert 5

Vanilla Macarons & Delicate Mint

This dainty pairing is all about softness and subtlety. The crispy, pleasant-tasting Vanilla Macaron is gently enlivened by the delicate mint flavour of this tea. The perfect transition from sandwiches to dessert.

tea and dessert pairings_Unilever Food Solutions_instert 6

Lemon Meringue Pie & Classic Earl Grey

Earl Grey tea, tarts and lemons are something of a dream team. The citrusy bergamot flavour of the tea is amplified in combination with the crispy, zesty and creamy Lemon Meringue Pie. A wonderfully refreshing pairing.

Want to feature these tea-and-dessert pairings in your menu? Start by browsing our range of tea flavors.