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The Food Industry is facing bigger challenges every day. Starting from very high startup costs, burdensome regulations to COVID-19 and how it has threatened the restaurant industry and traditional food business models.  Consumer habits will continue to change and restaurant delivery will continue to increase in a post-pandemic society. This must lead you as a chef or a restaurant owner to redesign your operations; these ideas are for you to bring home the restaurant dining experience.

Cloud Kitchens
  • Cloud Kitchens where seamless delivery is prioritized, costs are minimized, and profits are maximized and all you have to do is to cook. It doesn’t matter where you operate from, only the quality of your plates matters.
Drive Thru
  • Drive thru has always been there before COVID but it’s highly notable that the take-home and drive thru habits have become amplified and perceived as an easier choice for a reduced human communication.
  • Collaborate with nutritionists and create nutrition programs for customers with special dietary requirements.
Delivery Game
  • Level up your Delivery Game and allow your customers to sign up for weekly balanced meals to be sent to their workplace or even to their kids’ schools daily.