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Prepare the Hawaiian Sauce:

Prepare the Burger:

This burger consists of a ground beef and lamb patty blend topped with pepper jack cheese, beef bacon and pineapple. A sweet and spicy Hawaiian sauce made with Hellmann's sandwich Mayonnaise brings it all together. Try out the full recipe below!



  1. Prepare the Hawaiian Sauce:

    • Combine honey, pineapple juice, teriyaki sauce, vinegar, sriracha sauce & sesame oil. Reduce mixture slowly by halve. Refrigerate & mix with mayo once cold.
  2. Prepare the Burger:

    • Combine ground beef and Lamb and form into 10 patties of 180g each. Season patties withKnorr Far East Seasoning.
    • Cook patties to desired doneness and top with cheese.
    • Sliced the pressed canned beef bacon product into 50g pieces. Grill them and season.
    • Same for the pineapple slices.
    • Build burgers by first spreading Hawaiian sauce on the toasted buns then the meat patty with its melted cheese. Top off with grilled canned meat, pineapple and more sauce.