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The Dukkah:


  • Potatoes, russet 10.0 pc

The Batter:


Here is an exciting variant to the classic British Fish & Chips. Using the batter to play with the flavour is key - we used a classic nut and spice blend called Dukkah, plated with potato skin style russets. View the complete recipe below.



  1. The Dukkah:

    • In pan, toast cumin, coriander, fennel, sesame seeds until slightly golden colour and fragrant, remove and cool completely.
    • Toast all nuts in the oven and cool completely.
    • Crush nuts and spices and add Knorr Vegetable Bouillon.
  2. Chips:

    • Soak your chips in cold water for 5mins or so to remove starch. Rinse well under running water then simmer them in salted water for 7-9mins. Chips should still hold its shape.
    • Drain them well and lay them onto baking tray. Put them in the freezer for 30mins or so to dry them out.
    • Heat your frying oil to high temperature and fry the chips until lightly coloured.
    • Now, place your chips on a baking tray in the oven at 180°C and bake them for about 20 mins or until chips are dark golden brown around the edges.
  3. The Batter:

    • Do the batter Before 20 minutes of frying the items.
    • Mix all dry ingredients together.
    • Gradually add the iced water and with a fork, mix the batter, best if flour lumps I little.
    • Add more water if needed for.
  4. Frying:

    • Dust the fish with flour & Knorr Vegetable Bouillon before coating in the batter.
    • Dip the fish in the batter and then in the dukkha mix.
    • Fry at 180°C until golden brown.
    • Serve with the homestyle russet chips.