BBQ Patty Melt:

  • Ground beef patties 10.0 Each
  • Rye Bread 10.0 slices
  • BBQ sauce, of your choice 1.5 cup
  • Swiss cheese 10.0 slices
  • Onions, sliced 1/2", sautéed 2.5 cup
  1. BBQ Patty Melt:

    • Grill or broil beef patties to desired doneness.
    • Spread bread evenly with BBQ sauce.
    • Top one slice of bread with cheese, beef patty and onions.
    • Top with the remaining slice of bread.
    • Spread outside of the sandwich evenly with Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise.
    • Griddle over medium heat, turning once, until the cheese melts.
    • Serve immediately.