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Customers are busier today than ever and always struggling to find time to eat or drink during long hectic days. We’ve also noticed that the typical family gathering at the dinner or even family days out seem to be something of the past. We want you as a chef to privilege from the food-to-go market as a remarkable opportunity that will match the busy lifestyle of nowadays.

It speaks to millennial generation

Millennials love grab-and-go food or pre-packaged, ready-to-eat food items often sold at restaurants or even at retail locations. Their fast paced lives affects their choices and preferences. All they’re looking for is quick yet healthy meals that needn’t long time of waiting that suits their on-the-go lifestyle with a great promising future.


New Dining Habits

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many consumers are finding it a bit risky to access essential items. In addition, some of them are still cautious of dining in shopping and entering stores for fear of catching the virus and in-store restrictions have made dining in more difficult. That’s why, consumers are turning to restaurants that are able to provide them convenient alternatives to their standard dining habits such as drive thru, takeaway venues and trucks.


Waiter with Take away Bag
Vending machines for takeaway sandwiches

Vending machines inside and outside your restaurants

We’ve mentioned before, younger consumers tend to be quite happy with most grab-and-go food items. We would suggest adding refrigeration units in your existing restaurant for some heat and eat items for your customers to take home; maybe fresh salads or even main courses. Also how about a vending machine in the malls, streets for cold cut sandwiches, bakery.