#FairKitchens is a movement of chefs supporting chefs to inspire a new kitchen culture. The #FairKitchens Code is our starting point of the movement, a common voice that reflects our values, nurtures our passion and puts our teams first.  Its values are the ingredients of a happy kitchen: passion and communication, teamwork and time for individuals. The goal is respect. The goal is to work as T.E.A.M.S..    


Speak out when you have something to say and make sure others do the same. This is how to prevent resentment from building up.
It’s important to make time for breaks – for fresh air and daylight. Rest, relax and recharge to keep motivation and productivity levels high. Plan for reasonable shifts – let your staff have time off with their family.
When someone in your team does a good job, commend them for it. A pat on the back, and acknowledgement of something good can make someone’s day.
Train, mentor and inspire your staff. Fuel their flame and keep reminding them why they joined the industry – for the love of food, making people happy and unleashing their creativity.
No matter the ethnicity, gender or religion of your staff, remember that you share the same goal. Respect each other, hold back from abuse and ask your colleagues if they’re okay. Be there for each other – work as a team to achieve the wonderful.