As the saying goes, “you eat (well, drink) with your eyes first” - your senses influence your tea-drinking experience, starting with a colourful selection to please both the eyes and every taste bud in the office.

So, spice up your tea selection by varying flavours and accompany your employees throughout their work cycle.

A beverage of tranquility and focus, tea  deserves an important place in your pantry. Unlike coffee, tea contains tannins which prevent caffeine from being released rapidly, making the effect longer and more regular.

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6am - 8am: But first, tea. To kick-start your brain activity, boost your metabolism and rehydrate your body, start the day off right with an English Breakfast, which is full of tannins and will awaken the senses.

12pm - 2pm: To avoid the dreaded post-lunch slump, we recommend that you drink green tea 30 minutes after your meal, to make sure that all your meal’s nutrients are fully absorbed. A cup of green tea with mint will aid digestion, reduce bloating, and beat lethargy. Oh, and mint will give you good breath.

From 3pm until 5pm, the bergamot aromas of an Earl Grey blend will complement a chocolate afternoon snack and will leave you feeling refreshed for the rest of the day. Not long to go until the end of the working day!

All day: After a nerve-wrecking presentation or a stressful meeting, a fragrant herbal infusion will strike the right notes to relax. You can enjoy as many as you like throughout the entire day, to keep you hydrated.

After 8pm: Pulling an all-nighter? Think tea, not coffee - it sharpens the mind, increases concentration, eliminates fatigue and enhances intellectual activity.

Doing a few exercises in your desk can also give you a quick energy boost. Try these easy workdesk exercises.