It is important to nurture our health and wellbeing during working hours. Here’s 5 steps you can take to uplift your work atmosphere and inspire a happier office!

  • Drink Tea, Not Coffee
    Green and black tea contain lower amounts of caffeine than coffee, so you won’t get the jitters, nod off or crash out. The rush from tea last longer and ends with a softer landing. The beverage contains the amino acid L-Theanine which, according to research, increases alertness and aids productivity.
  •  Get Outside
    According to research, fresh air lowers blood pressure and equips our immune system to fight off viruses and bad bacteria. It also increases the production of serotonin, a chemical essential for feelings of happiness.
  • Move Around
    Why not suggest a walking meeting? Or spend 20 minutes working on your feet? Instead of emailing your colleague at the other end of the room, walk over and deliver the news. These things may seem small and inconsequential, but little things build up and bring massive benefits to our mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Take Some Downtime
    Attempts to overstretch the mind can eventually lead to chronic stress and burnout. So, don’t be ashamed to take 5 minutes to relax when you need to, your brain will thank you. According to research, frequent interruptions actually refresh the mind.
  • Keep Healthy Snacks at Hand
    The food you eat effects your physical and mental performance. A balance of healthy proteins, fibres and fats stabilises your blood sugar and keeps your energy levels up, leading to a more efficient and productive workday. Healthy food makes us feel good, leading to happier offices!