We’ve got the lowdown on the flavours, ingredients and techniques to refresh your beverage offering:

Healthy choices

Nutrient-rich drinks are breaking out of their health bar/gym café domain and going mainstream. Bringing a mouth-wateringly fresh and healthy kick to any beverage, herbs and spices are the must-add ingredient. With regional governments, including Saudi Arabia’s, using new regulations and taxes to clamp down on the consumption of sodas and energy drinks, healthy drinks are the perfect alternative. Try basil or mint for their palate cleansing taste and digestive benefits, or spicy turmeric for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. This Lemon & Mint Iced Tea is an ultra-refreshing choice to get you started.

Flower power

For a pick-me-up punch to your drinks menu, floral flavours are your go-to, wowing customers with their sweet aromas and soothing tastes. Chef Hesham suggests using regional favourites like hibiscus for its cranberry-like tartness, or rose for a light, floral twist. Experiment with edible flowers, syrups or floral waters and mix with iced tea to make aromatic, thirst-quenching beverages with maximum appeal.

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Cold comforts

Cold brew coffee may have topped your specials list last year, now it’s the turn of tea. Cold brew tea is winning over customers with its deliciously smooth taste, lower caffeine levels and hit of antioxidants. Choose real tea leaves and go with delicate white or green varieties. Experiment with steeping techniques and timings to create brews that hit a flavour high. Serve the tea as is, or liven it up with fresh fruit or mint.

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Classic reinvention

Get creative and give your mocktail menu a makeover. Reinvent classics like Virgin Long Island Iced Tea and Shirley Temple with a fresh new look or taste. Capitalise on the nostalgic vibe by presenting your mocktails in mason jars or shakers. Ditch the soda in favour of fresh juices and roll out weekly/monthly specials to keep things fresh. Add a theatrical touch with a mixologist to really shake up the customer experience.  

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