There’s no doubt that Egyptians have seamlessly integrated tea into their everyday lives. They definitely have a grip on the philosophy of tea not just being a drink but also a lifestyle.

The only problem is the limitations of the teas that they choose to try. With only black tea and the rare occasion of green tea on the menu, they are denied of the wonderful opportunities, health and psychological benefits other tea types offer. That’s where the new set of Lipton Feel Good Selection comes in to turn your restaurant/café into a game changer. Whether they drink tea for the taste, health benefits, relaxing feeling or their soothing warmth, everyone can find a type that works for them from the Feel Good Selection.

Lipton Feel Good Selection is split into four different categories: awaken, peace, harmony and refresh. AWAKEN is perfect for guests that need to ease into their mornings with a satisfying and hearty flavor palette that is strong but isn’t too overpowering.

A moment to awaken with Lipton
A moment of peace with Lipton

PEACE is ideal to unwind. This range is ideal for people that love tranquil, earthy flavors that are herbal and tasty. Invite your guests to the options of Anise and Chamomile after working hours, lunch breaks or any time where a moment of unwinding seems to be a good idea.

HARMONY is the rejuvenating and refreshing range that boosts energy levels a little higher when we get a little lazy. The options of Green Tea and Green Tea Mint are ideal for the afternoon crowd that need a little spice of freshness to re-massage their senses.

A moment of harmony with Lipton

REFRESH is a flavor explosion with Hibiscus, Lemon & Ginger and Mint. It is great for guests that need a boost of liquid flavor to re-generate their mood to give them a moment of inspiration and creativity when they’re stuck.

Serving the Lipton Feel Good Selection could be a mood changer and therefore a GAME changer that’ll set your place as the pioneer of the new tea culture in town. Make sure that your staff understand and pay a little more attention to the mood of their guests to suggest a range that would alleviate their senses and bring them the contentment, refreshment and positive moments that tea has always brought to Egyptians.