When it comes to tea, consumer tastes may be changing, but their thirst for this refreshing beverage certainly hasn’t been quenched. Tea is the world’s second most popular beverage (behind water) and has found a new fan following with millennials who love its health & wellness benefits and variety of flavours.

A standard cup of tea may suffice for a morning brew at home, but when people venture out for afternoon tea or similar, they’re searching for a tea experience with a twist. This twist could be the latest trend for concept teas, which involves mixing and matching different types of tea to create an exciting new taste or a wellness tea menu.  

But there’s an art to making the perfect cup of tea. From water temperature to brewing time, there’s some essential info you need to know.  For the insider’s guide on how to make a brew that will have your customers coming back time and time again for the tastiest tea in town, download our 5 Steps to a Perfect Cup of Tea by filling out the form below!

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