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No British roast is complete without a well-rounded mix of sides to support it. Give some classic sides dishes a modern makeover with a few simple ingredients…

Yorkshire pudding

Including some extra ingredients in the batter of this crispy, chewy side is a sure-fire way to help your Yorkies stand out from the crowd.

  • Cheddar, Blue Cheese, Parmesan… a sprinkling of any will take Yorkshire puddings to the next level, and give diners a cheesy centre surprise.


Chef’s Tip: Chef Tony Jardella, Chef de cuisine at Perry and Blackwelder’s Original Smokehouse suggests adding a fiery bite with a tablespoon or two of Colman’s Wholegrain Mustard or Colman’s English Mustard Powder and a bunch of fresh thyme.

No roast is complete without them; this is how to make the ultimate Yorkshire Puddings…



Rich, creamy and delicious is the only way to describe this mashed potato and cabbage mix. Scallions, milk and melted butter round it off.

  • Swap potato for cauliflower and cabbage for kale to give this dish a healthy makeover.

Follow these simple steps to create rich, creamy and delicious Colcannon.



Baked, boiled, chipped, mashed or roasted… this starchy veg is an essential ingredient to many a Brit classic.

  • Hasselback potatoes certainly have plating appeal. Slice, fan and layer the potatoes with black garlic and cheddar, and cook until crunchy yet tender.

Carrots & Parsnips

British roast dinners rarely hit the table without a serving of these earthy root vegetables.

  • Pair the veg with a subtle honey and a spicy blue cheese, like Stilton, and bring a delicious sweet/salty dimension to this classic side.

Bubble & Squeak

Traditionally made from leftover vegetables. Mashed potatoes bind everything together and the mix is moulded into small cakes and pan-fried.

  • There’s all kinds of ways to liven up this classic, try a dollop of Horseradish sauce, or substitute sweet potatoes for potatoes.

Chef’s Tip: Chef Tony recommends a spicy Indian twist with some curry powder and turmeric.