As chefs you’re more than familiar with dehydrated food products. After all, dehydration is one of the oldest food preservation methods.  And it’s a process that maintains the taste and nutritional value in foods, which explains why we’ve used it in the creation of Knorr Tomato Powder.  

While dehydration processes have been refined and improved over time, the basic reason why dehydration is so beneficial remains the same. Most foods are subject to spoilage because of the microorganisms present in them. As the microorganisms, such as bacteria, break down, they produce acids and waste products that are unpleasant to taste and in some cases harmful to ingest. By removing water or moisture from foods, it prevents the growth of these microorganisms.

Our infographic below expands on the benefits of dehydration and reveals the farm to kitchen process involved in creating Knorr Tomato Powder.

unilever foodsolutions_discover the benefits of dehydrating foods_1

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