Act as a hawk in 2020 and watch a new wave of trends into the food and beverage industry. You'll be seeing customers who are looking for tasty and delicious guilt-free meal every day and everywhere. Keep reading for the latest food trends to keep an eye out for in 2020!

The Rise of Plant Based Food and Keto

Adapting to healthier lifestyles has shown absolutely no sign of slowing down, and step by step you have to satisfy all your customers’ needs by having a diverse menu offering either vegan or Keto friendly options. We understand that it’s not always easy to craft a tasty keto or vegan friendly meals but reading more about those trendy food directions will help you more in choosing your Ramadan menu for 2020. 


Plant-based food
Sharable food, Sharable taste
Sharebale food, shareable taste

Though no one could have predicted, sharable plates and family portions are the best thing you can offer to your customers in Ramadan 2020.
The act of sharing plate not only will encourage conversation between your customers but also will make their dining experience a more communal act that will linger in their memories.


Savoury desserts

There’s always another tummy for dessert, however, Forget sugary sweet desserts. The world is now moving towards savory desserts. Just like the old days, pairing watermelon and White Cheese. Infuse your traditional dessert items with savory ingredients to create new and unexpected flavor pairings.

Savory desserts
Open kitchen

Tastier food always comes from display kitchen.

It’s one of the trends that you should put into consideration if you’re renewing your restaurant layout in 2020. What’s better than flambé coming out from your pan or the enthusiasm of your team in the kitchen?

In this way, customers can satisfy their curiosity and find out what’s cooking in professional kitchens, as well as being reassured as to the hygiene conditions.

Go Green

Shifts in customer behavior and preferences are changing so fast that you might not even notice it until it starts to negatively affect your restaurant. However, environmentally conscious people are on the rise every day. We understand that restaurants haven't always had the best reputation for environmental friendliness, but in 2020 you will need to begin your journey to becoming a green restaurant

Go green

It’s always better for you to watch the change in your customers’ behavior and all the latest food trends so you can be able to satisfy all their needs and your restaurant can achieve the most in 2020.