Eid rituals will never change. It’s all about family and friends’ gatherings in which desserts and sweets take center stage. “We chefs enjoy this period of the year where we can craft dishes that is related to our memories to offer a festive, joyful experience to our customers” Highlighted Chef Sherif Afifi, UFS Executive Chef. And that’s why we want you to make the most out of the Eid season using these exclusive ideas, ensuring that your restaurant is fully booked during the season.  

Break the fast

Right after eid prayers, your diners will be lining up for their first breakfast after Ramadan. You can adjust your working hours in Eid and on the first morning specially to serve the most awaited cup of Tea latte in the morning. 

Make your restaurant "Insta-worthy"

Eid’s night has its own rituals between families and friends. It’s the best time that you take advantage of Instagram to promote your restaurant to attract diners to visit your restaurant. Start by posting attractive photos of your Eid Specials that your customers will be lining up for to try.

Eid specials

The first breakfast after Ramadan will mean a lot to your diners who will be lining up for the most awaited cup of tea latte or coffee in the morning. Try adding “Eid Tray” to your menu during Eid time.  What’s better than Kahk, biscuits, petit fours and Lipton Tea latte in one tray? Nothing is.

Eid diners are different than Ramadan’s. It’s the perfect time for you to start taking reservations on phone so you can plan the right way for the expected number of diners. Always enable your diners to live the experience that will linger with them, that will keep them coming back to your restaurant on a frequent basis.