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Ramadan is a spiritual month that everyone waits for, but also full of challenges for you and your restaurant. Happy diners mean happy chefs, and this is especially true in Ramadan. But now, most of diners will always go for iftar gatherings at homes to avoid bad quality of service during Ramadan or late servings. We’re bringing you some trending ideas to keep you and your diners smiling!  

Steal the show

Forget about the traditional presentation for your plates. Live meat carving stations. Great for minimizing waste and budgeting more effectively, diners will enjoy the fresher taste and added bit of theatre that comes with seeing a chef expertly slice through the meat. 

Vegan food is also such a great add on to your Ramadan menu. Vegan friendly options will attract more diners to your restaurant not only during Ramadan but also along the year.

Diverse your Ramadan Menu

In today’s world you need to be more Inclusive in your restaurant’s so you can give your guests a positive impression of your restaurant, and if these offerings aren't diverse, you may be unintentionally alienating potential customers.  

“Lamb shank is proving huge popularity right now and there’s only one way to cook it, slowly. Sous vide or braised, the choice is yours and both will give you a depth of flavor

Highlighted Chef Sherif Afifi, UFS Executive Chef.

Future Ingredients

Proteins are a part of the Iftar line-up, but not with the same amount of variety as the sides. Sides are set for a starring role at Iftar. With your special recipes, your diners will be lining up more for the sides. Try adding more salads and appetizers to your buffet to appetite your diners more.  Pick from the best seasonal ingredients to create dishes that are full of freshness and flavor. 

Breakout Ramadan Beverages 

Beverages are the first thing your diners will need to break their fast and especially in the hot summer, that’s why you will need to leave a very good impression with them to encourage your diners to eat more. Get rid of the traditional sweet and syrupy drinks and go for lighter beverages with less of a sugary after-taste.  

Chef’s tip: Include more refreshing, and cost-effective drinks like Lipton classic earl grey  Iced Tea with a twist of Passion fruit and a hint of mint for an extra flavor dimension. If you’re still looking for traditional Ramadan drink, add lemon and mint to hibiscus or pineapple to your Sobia for a more oriental pina colada. 

Breakout beverage