Beside the spiritual vibes of Ramadan that we all wait for, food takes center stage. That’s why it is the heaviest and the most profitable season for any caterer. This industry has been showing no sign of slowing down recently, and also expected to grow stronger to post a compound annual growth of over 6% during the period 2020 to 2023. Here are some of our tried-and-tested tips to help you offer flawless Iftar catering services.

Be Organized

Ramadan planning

In Iftar or Sohour events, you’re out of your kitchen and out of your comfort zone as well. Your ability to stay organized will not only impact the dining experience, but also the entire event.  Choose your suppliers wisely for taste consistency. Always go for those who maintain the highest standards that will later add intense flavors right to your plates. As well as you’re striving for your clients’ satisfaction, strive for the planet more. Less new plastic disposables, more reusable, recyclable products and less food waste are the keys to preserving the environment.

Take a smart move

Ramadan is all about family and friends’ gatherings. Compensate the low footfall impacted by gatherings during Iftar or Sohour by providing a unique catering services that will expand your sales. Instead of hiring a sales team for your catering business, you can work with event planners and coordinators. This will increase your reach and will make u on top of the trend in the market.  Don’t be afraid to give them discounts for your services which are basically their commission for bringing you on board, that’s how they get paid.

Take smart moves
Scan your competitors
Shop your competitors

Breakout Ramadan Beverages

Needless to say, we know that you are capable of creating a special catering menu for Ramadan that your customers will be lining up for.