Even though Ramadan is mainly celebrated for more religious activities, to Egyptians, it is also celebrated by diverse pleasures, for the body; foods and drinks. Complementing your finest tea selections with delectable desserts or savory plates will lift your Ramadan dining to a memorable and an engaging experience. More enjoyment for your diners, more revenue for you!

The Perfect Pair for Foods and Tea

Tea and food are an undeniable well-established dining tradition that can deliver higher profit margins than other drinks. Most of your diners will look for refreshing and hydrating beverages during Iftar and that’s why tea is the perfect choice you can offer because tea is 99% water, it is just as hydrating as water, and less boring!

The perfect pair

The art of tea pairing is still very much evolving, but the right tea can truly enhance the taste of the food on your plate. So, we’re here to help you really impress your diners during Ramadan dining by pairing up your food with tea!

Black Tea

Black teas with their strong flavors pair well with hearty, rich foods. There’s nothing better than Lipton Exclusive Selection English Breakfast Tea after Beef Shank over Egyptian Fatta or heavy pasta dishes like lasagna.

Green Teas

Green teas with their earthy, vegetative palettes combine well with vegetarian dishes, and cheese platters. Tea and cheese perhaps not an obvious combination, but they can go well together. For a smooth, well-rounded taste during Sohour, pair oriental vegetables falafel triple with Lipton Exclusive Selection Green Tea Sencha. 

Flavoured Teas

Flavored teas tend to be very gentle, and if served with too rich a food will seem totally tasteless. Yet it would be a shame to miss their oh-so-subtle aromas. Suggest flavored teas for your diners after light seafood plates or you can pair the soft and smooth Vanilla Konafa cheesecake with Lipton Exclusive Selection Refreshing Lemon Tea.

Flavoured Teas

Fruit and scented teas are perfect for complex desserts, cakes and dark chocolate!

How about yummy chocolate Basbouba bites paired with Lipton Exclusive Selection Juicy Forest Fruits Tea, with a delicious blend of blackberries, raspberries and blueberries.