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Preparing for such a heavy season like Ramadan needs a huge effort for a successful ending. Choosing your menu items is a hard decision to take, so Moustafa El Refaey, Co-founder & Chief Culinary Officer of Zooba restaurants is sharing his top appetizers and tips on how to make them. 


Buffets are incomplete without your salad’s variety. After the long hours of fasting your diners will surely look up for your wide selection of salads along with the appetizers and then their main courses.  Mix and match your special ingredients that will impress your diners. Salads are always simple and colorful; pair them with a new dressing to add a specialty to your restaurant. 

“Chicken and lettuce are the heart of every Caesar salad, Egyptianize it and mix it with baladi toasted bread and anchovies for a more oriental taste”  Stated Chef Moustafa.


Savory Qatayef will steal the show and satisfy all your diners’ cravings. Serve them with different fillings like Chicken and veggies or minced beef. 



“Give your special chicken marinade mix a new flavor dimension by adding Knorr Poultry Seasoning Powder mixed with carrots and basils. With beef Qatayef, try a unique twist in your dish by adding mozzarella and colored peppers” Said Chef Moustafa El Refay


Nothing is better than Musaka with minced beef and béchamel on top during Ramadan to impress your diners. Choose the right spices, add all the ingredients of your plate on the top of individual eggplant slices and then béchamel on top to be served separately. Diners are more conscious today more than ever about what they are consuming. Chefs offering buffet appetizers that are tasty and satisfying without being too heavy or filling is where the evolution and trends will be.


“Grilled eggplants are a healthier and a lighter option for you and your diners”. Highlighted Chef Moustafa