2021 has been a new beginning for everyone with a lot of changes, Ramadan 2021 is also different. Since it’s your premium season as a chef, you need to get ready for the new normal, and the new focuses of your diners in nutrition after covid-19. They’re now more interested about how what they eat can impact their health. This changing consumer behaviour is creating opportunities for chefs like you worldwide so you need to react quickly. Take a look at what we’ve collected below for a few alterations would make a great change:

Comfort Food Taste

Following the onset of COVID-19, diners are looking for comfort food and simplicity in what they eat. All that you need is to find your own balance of healthy ingredients and an unmatched taste of our cuisine Ramadan is the right time for you to champion more diverse yet sustainable ways of cooking with being on top of the demands and trends by adding more veggies and fruits to your balanced  Ramadan menus to win the season.

Read more about the 50 foods of the future compiled by Knorr and WWF-UK.

woman wearing gloves and protective facemask holding a QR code menu


Social distancing is new to us but it’s not likely to disappear anytime soon, so in response, we suggest you consider introducing take-out tasty meals, home delivery menus. Also expanding your outdoor areas can make it much easier for your customers to still enjoy dining out with assured changes in the restaurant seating layout.

All you need is to find opportunities that can deliver the same great dining experience safely and with exceptional value as diners look for relief from life’s challenges and to simply enjoy a night once again.

Diversified Out of Home Business

 If you want to give your customers a new experience this Ramadan, inspire them to try cooking your own food at home by adding a new “ready to cook” section on your menu. If this pandemic could change your behavior, it should change the way you operate your business from only serving hot tasty meals to serving frozen food for a new cooking experience at home. Now your customers can still enjoy your wholesome plates more safely while social distancing and enjoy following your recipe attached to the orders. You can either deliver your plates yourself or deal with a third-party application to help you.