This year Ramadan is challenging more than ever for all of us chefs. Therefore, all we need is a sustainable kitchen, and we mean a healthy and fair workplace. It takes the right environment to cook food in. With these tips, you can outfit your kitchen a healthy way and make it the prime place for preparing wholesome meals for your customers during Ramadan.



Team spirit

Good vibes inside your kitchen and behind the scenes result in the best food taste. As Chef Sherif Afifi says “The harmony between the team members will bring melodies to your plates”.

It’s obvious to see that a restaurant benefits when its employees are working together synergistically. The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. Base this harmony on open communication, passion and support.

Preparation and safety

Your work surface is where all the magic happens, so a practical, hygienic and above all clean surface is necessary. After the pandemic, hygiene and safe food are the new normal your guests will be looking for.

They will consider further details they never put into consideration when choosing a place to dine. Always ensure the safe and correct use of disinfectants to avoid food contamination and harm to employees and other individuals

Fresh Ingredients from farm to fork

Choosing carefully the source of your ingredients in your kitchen is important. Fresh ingredients will not only bring life to your kitchen with the green touch, it will bring more flavour to your plates with the freshly picked greens. The increased access to nutritional information has helped in shaping a new generation who seeks healthier options.

That’s why, there’s nothing better than always having fresh, organic veggies on the menu. They’re the most reliable source for fibre, vitamins and minerals, (e.g. folate, vitamin A and C, potassium) and beneficial phytochemicals with a minimum of 400 grams of daily servings. Choose the farms of which you will source your fresh ingredients and support the local farmers.

Reduce Food Waste

Restaurants are wasting almost 40% of its food each year. Needless to mention such an ethical dilemma, it will always be expensive to lose resources that are poured into food production because of the wasteful habits of the customers. 

Why don’t you offer half portions for your customers? It’s a great move that both price-sensitive and health-minded customers would really appreciate and would also help in declining your waste gradually.  Just a reminder, UFS is always here to help you in managing your waste. Contact us for more information