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Eid comes as a big celebration at the end of Ramadan and this is where sweets take center stage. This is why we want you to make the most out of the Eid season using these exclusive ideas, ensuring that your restaurant is fully booked during the season.

It’s time that you take advantage of Instagram to promote your restaurant. Start by posting attractive photos of your Eid Specials to attract diners to visit your restaurant.

Eid is the time for sharing gifts and sweets, so don’t forget to add Basbousa and Ashura and other desserts to your menu.

Add a hint of specialty to your menu that sounds and tastes delicious. A simple change in ingredients will make your diners curious to try out your signature dish this Eid.

Diners are big on discounts and special promotions, this is why we recommend that you promote your restaurant using discounts, gift vouchers or special offers.

Unlike Ramadan, diners are welcome to visit your restaurant at any time of the day. This should encourage you to promote pre-bookings and seat reservations, just so you can easily accommodate a big number of diners, curios to experience your menu.