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Ramadan on the other side of food service is synonymous with long mornings and busy schedules, this is why you should always be ready for the challenges that come in the day. With proper scheduling which includes some rest, you can be sure to keep the team going strong throughout service!

Most top chefs start planning their Iftar menus six months in advance, and this also includes preparing for Eid-El-Fitr. The more prepared you and your staff are, the more organized and smooth your schedules in Ramadan will turn out to be.

 Always keep extra staff ready at hand to support the kitchen when necessary.

You will not only need a team to work the kitchen during Iftar and Suhor, a third helping team can always ensure that your cooking schedules and meals are upheld with the same amazing quality.

One of the biggest challenges fasting chefs face is the inability to taste their dishes while cooking. Rely on experience and trusted ingredients to ensure the dishes are as tasty as you’ve planned them out to be.

Ensure that you get enough rest in your free hours and remember to hydrate continuously after Iftar.