Tea is a hydrating and refreshing beverage to enjoy in Ramadan. From Iftar to Suhoor, we have some superb serving suggestions for making the most of this popular drink…

Perfectly Chilled: After a day of fasting, a revitalising iced tea is a beverage choice most guests should be making at Iftar. For variety, and an added energy boost, blend your iced tea with fresh fruits.  

Cooling Down: If you’re looking for a new way to serve tea at Iftars, then Cold Brew Tea could be the way to go.  Thanks to its lengthy steeping time, Cold Brew Tea has lower caffeine levels and a refreshingly smooth taste.

The Healthy Choice: Offering diners healthy food and beverage options is a sensible idea in Ramadan, and herbal or green teas are the ideal beverage suggestions. Known for aiding digestion or soothing stomachs, herbal and green teas are the perfect post-meal drink for diners.   

Traditional Favourites: Ramadan wouldn’t be Ramadan without a pot of Turkish or Moroccan tea at the end of Suhoor. While Moroccan tea is packed with palate-cleansing mint, Turkish tea is instantly identifiable by its red colour, tulip-shaped serving glasses and rich flavour.

Spice It Up: Turmeric is one of 2018’s must-try flavours. Praised as much for its health benefits as its distinctive taste, try serving your turmeric tea with a hint of ginger or cinnamon for a memorably spicy mix.

Serious about Service: One tradition that you shouldn’t ignore in Ramadan is how to actually serve your tea. Small glasses, dainty and sometimes decorative, should be paired with ornate-looking, metallic tea pots that allow guests to top up their glasses as and when they like.

Serve a refreshing and fruit-infused iced tea for Iftar with this Passion Fruit Lemon Ice Tea recipe.