Struggling to balance the needs of hungry and expectant diners with the cost/revenue expectations of management? Try these buffet-friendly ideas that will keep costs in check without affecting the quality of your dishes. 

Cost up your dishes and place the cheapest or most abundant dishes at the start of the buffet layout, with more expensive or lower quantity dishes at the end. 

Tip: Track the consumption of dishes, and if needed change up the layout after the first hour.  

A simple way to downsize your overall buffet and cost is to give diners smaller plates. Bigger plates encourage diners to eat (and waste) more, and require a much larger volume of food to cater to them. 

Plan dishes – like Browned Chicken with Tri-colored Peppers or Beef Shank over Egyptian Fatta– using cheaper cuts of meat. Chicken thighs and beef shank are more affordable yet no less flavoursome. 

(Tip: Chicken thighs are ideal for our Browned Chicken with Tri-colored Peppers dish.)

Cut back on the mezze dishes you serve, you’ll save money on ingredients and be able to focus on quality over quantity. Fewer mezze dishes also means diners still have an appetite for costlier mains.