Main dishes are generally the most expensive item to produce on the buffet menu, with pricier proteins pushing up the overall dish cost. Moustafa El Refaey, Co-founder & Chief Culinary Officer of Zooba restaurants shares his advice for producing cost-effective mains that are full of flavour.

Ordering whole animals offers a creative opportunity for your chefs and a cost-saving for your budget. It also enables you to create a much wider selection of dishes, keeping your buffet menu fresh and varied for diners. 

Tip: Use chicken legs in Browned Chicken Legs with Tricolored Peppers and juicy chicken breasts for Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Molokhia.

Iftar prep and service is hectic, so it pays to make dishes quickly and efficiently. And that’s where ready-to-use products really make a positive difference.

Tip: Making Beef Tips with Seasonal Vegetables and need a seriously good brown sauce to enhance the flavour? No problem. Use Knorr Demi Glace and you’ll have an authentic meaty sauce in no time.  

Opting for cheaper cuts of meat – beef brisket, shoulder, shank or ground beef – doesn’t mean sacrificing flavour. Properly seasoned and paired with flavour-packed sauces or gravies, these cuts can deliver mouth-wateringly tasty dishes. 

Tip: Knorr Demi Glace and Knorr Brown Gravy provide a brilliant base for sauces and gravies. Build on them to create full of flavour sauces/gravies that are tailored to your dishes.  

Sharing ingredients across dishes helps to cut back on costs. Watch Chef Sherif Afifi create two trending Iftar mains that are both built around a seriously rich and meaty gravy sauce.

Recipe: Two Key Ingredients and 1 Key Sauce