It’s time to shake up your Ramadan beverage menu! Why? Well, your diners are increasingly health-conscious, which means traditional sugar-laden drinks are no longer so appealing. And when they go out to eat, they’re looking to experience something new and different.

But wowing diners isn’t the only benefit you’ll get from updating your beverage menu, you can also boost your profitability. 

Diners are shifting away from sweet, sugary drinks during Ramadan, and with good reason. After a day of fasting, diners may be dehydrated, but reaching for a fruit juice or fizzy drink isn’t going to rehydrate them properly.

Plus, the sugar from these types of drinks can add innumerable calories to an Iftar meal, while dampening tastebuds and upsetting diners’ natural appetites. So providing lighter, more thirst-quenching options is definitely going to attract diners.

Planning to charge for beverages as part of the buffet package? Or charge for them separately? Either way, finding cost-effective, versatile beverages can noticeably boost your profit margins.Introducing fruity iced teas that have a lower cost of sale and higher profit margin than fruit juices and sodas is a great idea. 

To get you inspired for creating your Ramadan drinks menu, we’ve pulled together a selection of our favourite (and budget-friendly) beverage recipes: