Tea and dessert pairing is an art that consists in matching textures, colours and aromas to turn every bite into a heightened explosion of flavours. As Ramadan brings a plethora of delicious desserts, which are very rich in flavour, different types of teas will enhance them.

Furthermore, tea’s countless health benefits can counteract the effects of a heavy meal, help with relaxation or to get an extra boost depending on the variety. The advantages make it an ideal beverage during the month of Ramadan, keeping guests well hydrated in the process. Explore the below selection of four pairing favourites to help you get started with your Ramadan menu:

Umm Ali – chamomile tea will not only complement the creamy texture in your spoon, but will also aid digestion. It will calm you down for a good night rest.

Date cake - a fruity black tea will enhance the sweetness and distinctive taste of dates. No need to add sugar to a cup of tea, as dates are a natural sweetener and the pairing will balance the sweetness on our taste buds.

Basbousa with almond - Chinese green tea will highlight the nuttiness of almonds and aid digestion. It will give the gentle kick needed after breaking fast. To avoid bitterness in your tea, make sure you brew in cooled down water at 80 degrees Celsius. 

Nutella kanafa - a green tea is a great fusion pairing for a “east meets middle-east, meets west” twist - the matcha’s gentle bitterness will be rounded by the sweetness and nuttiness of Nutella. Warning: it will be difficult to stop after one bite!

Here are a few tips to help you keep in mind which varieties of tea to consider while recommending your desserts. As a general rule of thumb, herbal teas help with digestion and sleep, while added spices (ginger, turmeric, tamarind etc) keep sickness at bay as they strengthen the immune system; green teas give a little extra boost of energy; and black teas are perfect to drink with rich meals. Whatever type you serve your desserts with, tea is always a healthy way to go!