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When it comes to entertaining your guests and strategically placing your place as the go-to getaway, you always have to push the envelope further. Great food is an undeniable must, but the all-round experience should be unforgettable. Theme nights will always do the trick as a creative marketing strategy that will draw in guests who will eventually turn into loyal regulars. That is why we have created a series of Theme Kits that’ll spice up your restaurant’s ambience, aesthetic and overall experience.

Our kits include recipe e-booklets for the chosen Theme Night, props and decorative materials all designed under several themes. All guests who love to indulge in Mexican, Oriental, Mediterranean, Italian or even Indian food will have a theme night especially for them.   Restaurant operators will receive kits for free to test them out and see how each kit does with their guests. To be a part of this activation, you must order from the UFS web shop. Place your order now and receive your kit!

In no time, the ambience of your restaurant will become addictive. Guests will take plenty of photos with the festive decorations to keep a great memory of their night out, review your place and share their unique experience with others. With the great quality of your cuisine, your welcoming staff and the additional touch from the decoration kit, your restaurant will present itself on a whole new level.

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