Beef shawarmas are one of the most popular fast foods. But if you want your beef shawarmas to always taste great and stand out from the rest, follow Chef Sherif Afifi’s essential tips.

Understand the preparation challenges

Getting consistent quality of flavour is the first challenge. Hygiene – keeping the beef refrigerated continually at the correct temperature – is the second. 


Beat the challenges

Always buy your ingredients, especially spices from the same place. Have the same chef create the beef marinade every time. The hygiene issue, caused by frequently opening and closing the fridge, is more difficult to control. But significantly reducing the marinating time, through the correct use of spices, can reduce the risk of spoilage.


Use ready prepared shawarma marinades

Products like Knorr Beef Shawarma Marinade give guaranteed quality and consistency of flavour. This marinade also reduces the marinating time to just four hours.

Customise your shawarmas

Knorr Beef Shawarma Marinade offers an original shawarma taste, which can easily be combined with other spices or seasonings, allowing you to create your own unique shawarma taste. 


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